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BCSGroup is constantly connected with our partners, some of the largest technology companies in the industry, such as Microsoft, ConnectWise, VEEAM, Auvik, VMWare, Sophos, Myki – making sure we are offering the latest and most suitable options for all our customers.

BCSGroup is actively and strategically working in choosing partners that are capable of offering our customers innovative techologies but also competitive software and hardware solutions. Our extended IT and IT Project Management backgrounds, industry knowledge and experience give us the ability to offer and secure the most cost efficient and successful outcomes for our customers.

In the extremely fast evolving IT industry we are committed to test and ultimately offer the best new solutions and partners to ensure our customer’s best outcomes !

Microsoft Partner
ConnectWise partner
Amazon Business partner

VMWare partner
Sophos Partner
auvik partner

MYKI partner
EATON partner
Tech Data partner


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