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BCS Group

About us

BCS Group is founded by IT experts and enthusiasts in Vienna, Austria and it offers managed IT services to clients in more than 15 countries in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia.

Together with our partners we strife to provide the highest quality of service possible while maintaining (through expertise and efficiency) the costs at a very competitive level.

Please do not hesitate to check the services we are able to offer by clicking the links below and should you have any questions or suggestions please use the contact form or contact us directly !

Quick response

Remote support via secure, specialized tools greatly reduces the time needed to fix your for a technician to reach your business location.


We have more than 20 years of experience in IT outsourcing, supporting from SOHO clients to big corporations, in a wide spectrum of technologies, industries, and application types.

No geek speak

With very good knowledge in our field comes also a excellent capability to explain in plain, simple terms the issue and the solution. We’re happy to give you a short and clear answer !

Business savvy

Thorough understanding of business processes and extended experience is making us the best partner for supporting your business, we’ve been successfully part of many large scale/long term projects and we bring that experience to your company !

One Stop Shop

We offer a complete package – from scheduling, estimating the best hardware/software combination, budgeting and project management to implementation and delivery. Everything’s included !

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our services are based on offering the best solution to suit your company’s needs, our focus is on choosing and offering the best hardware and software solutions to suit your needs.


Please contact our team, a representative will contact you shortly.

Let’s Talk

A short discussion based on your needs and expectations will provide us with a clear picture on what you expect from the IT point of view.

Choose Your Plan

We’ll provide a couple of simple yet clear plans of action, insuring the least impact with the greatest outcome for your business. But keep in mind this is a partnership and we accept any feedback and questions and we’re prepared to provide you with the support you are expecting !

Start Your IT Experience

Within days, you’ll be experiencing an IT evolution! We’re here for your needs !